Bad Spelling, Good Engagement

Spelling is Important

Some of us are great spellers. Some of us, eh, not so much—and we’re just talking about around the office. Of course our Lead Latté, Renée, with her fancy English undergraduate degree and work on her Master’s is a stickler for all things punctuation and grammatical. Our Drawista, Bella, is a fan of social speak so she tends to “forget” vowels on purpose (which, of course, kills Lead Latté). Truth is, your attention to miss takes could be the deciding factor between you getting the business and someone who could due better at spelling.

Important, I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T, (Spelling is) Important

Dilbert Spelling MistakesThis Dilbert cartoon is funny, but it’s also painfully true. Your business’ online presence is your resume to the world and if it’s riddled with spelling errors, clients aren’t going to want to hire you for their job. The work you do for them speaks for them. If you can’t spend the time or money to give your content a good proofreading (and graphic assessment if you’re really ambitious), then it’s only fair for customers to question where you’d cut corners in providing them service.

But I Can’t Spell It Right

You’re doing your best. We know that. We really do. Another painful truth about digital marketing is that it’s been going on so long that many times you can’t help but misspell something. Case in point, our Twitter name—CafintedContent. No, we didn’t let Bella set up the Twitter account, we got to it too late. Well, and to be honest, CaffeinatedContent is too long for a Twitter name anyway. So we are CafintedContent. What’s an f,e, and an a between friends? The good news is that we all know about this boat and no one expects businesses that have a short history to be found by their full name. It reminds us of a story we heard a party planner tell once; she said when she has a dinner party, she answers the door for the first guest in a robe and with her hair in a towel, even if it’s not wet. Her reasoning is that by answering the door seemingly unprepared, the guest is put at ease. The planner whisks the guest to the kitchen and asks them to do some prep work: cutting vegetables, mixing dips, watching the oven for time, and asks them to answer the door for a few minutes while she finishes getting ready. This, she said, instantly gives the first guest, and the first few guests, something to do. They are being helpful, which everyone loves, they don’t have to worry about making small talk with strangers, and they feel like they have contributed to the evening which is probably no small accomplishment when you’re dining with a professional party planner.

The point is, mistakes aren’t bad. Our motto is that a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone wants to help people so when you see someone making a mistake, it opens the door to being helpful. We figure you see CafintedContent and think “Awwww. That wonderful digital agency is late to the game and couldn’t get their real name. We want to help them grow their business”. We’re right, right?

Take a Spelling Test

This is one of Renée’s favorite cartoons. It’s painfully true and summarizes our point.

Blog Mob

Well done is expected. It’s what everyone wants to see, especially if they are looking to do business with you. Expected is normal. No one responds to it. They read and they move on. If you want to test your audience, spell something wrong—and then hope you don’t find an angry mob outside your door!

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