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Who Says Your Content is Crap?

Content is king. Everyone knows that. If you talk to our peers, they might take a look at your website, blog, or social media platforms and tell you that they can help improve your content marketing performance if you sign on their dotted line. We say “not so fast”. Sure, we can do a complete takeover of your digital marketing efforts, but there are a lot of reasons why you might not want that and, honestly, there are a few reasons why we wouldn’t want that.

You Do You Best

Having worked as in-house talent and with agencies, we’ve been on both sides of the fence. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be where the magic happens on a daily basis. While we can pop up pictures of your work or products, you are the best one to say why you are proud to have it out there representing you. We admire businesses who are doing it themselves, making sure they stick to the mission. We can share your vision, but no one does you like you so who better to talk about you?

You’re Not Ready

This subject is subjective. New businesses may not have a firm understanding of what content marketing is, just that everyone tells them they need to be doing it. Those who understand that there is an optimal ratio of posting and responding may not understand how to measure efforts. And then, let’s be honest, we’re not you. You need to establish some trust with us, get a feel for how we work, the results of the investment, and a feel for how we fit into your business strategy.

You’re Totally Ready

And then you may be totally ready. You’ve been posting and tweeting and blogging until your fingers fall off but you understand that writing isn’t your thing. Not only that but it takes away from your time running your business. Maybe your mom told you that you really need to pay someone to write your blog for you. Yeah, moms can be brutal but if mom is telling you, maybe it’s time to listen.

Content Queen

For as many reasons as there are for your digital content to be deemed crap, there are more ways to improve it. If you want to be in control, we want you to be. If you want to hand over the reins, we’re good with that too. Overall, we want to be the content queen in your business kingdom, working to make the estate look worthy of storming, but secretly bolstering the innerworkings to prevent from attack.

Maybe the monarchy metaphor needs to be flushed down the throne.
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