Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda.

We coulda, shoulda, woulda done more but…

It’s been slow around Caffeinated Content. Not the business itself, just the content marketing—you know, the thing we do. There are a million reasons we could list but let’s be honest, they’re not reasons, they’re excuses. Renée called herself on it. If this were you, a client, she would set time to post and blog and create and would send out the call for a website or a video—but she hasn’t done that. Instead she’s been a woman and a mom, putting herself last and everyone else before her. And what does it get us? Idle hands. And we know what happens with idle hands, especially creative hands.Caffeinated Content E

So here she sits with a huge feeling of being undone and the corresponding consequence of feeling knowing that she could have done more.

Why are we sharing this? Because it’s all of us, isn’t it? We need to go to the dentist but the electrician is coming out to check that light. We should go to that networking meeting but Junior dropped his diorama so you thought making breakfast for him and giving him a ride to school was a better idea. Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda. We get it.

Let’s get past it–together

Are you ready to get past the shoulda? We are too. Let’s help each other. You know establishing a content strategy is something you should(a) done and you would(a) if you had the time and know-how to do it. Caffeinated Content fell short when we could(a) been putting ourselves out there, speaking to you about helping you identify the best way to use content to reach your potential customers, clients, and community members because it’s what we know. But we didn’t. And you didn’t.

Let’s get past the past tense. To borrow Home Depot’s line, let’s start doing. We are ready, are you? If you didn’t immediately answer “yes”, then here’s what we’re going to do. Drop us an email and let us know you’re ready. We’ve set it up so that if you click that link, the subject will say “I’m Ready”; “I’m Ready” will be your in for a free consultation about your content strategy. You know that know-how you aren’t confident about? It’s our job to help. We’ll help you organize your ideas and work out the best way for you to do it. No pressure. Promise. I mean, c’mon, we’re great at dropping the ball and with the holidays right around the corner, if you don’t give us direction, we’re just going to sit around idle and that’s not good for any of us!

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