Why You Can’t Afford (to ignore) Content Marketing

The cost of content marketing

The statistics are there to back the effectiveness of content marketing:

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing but generates three times more leads
  • Content marketing drives nearly six times more conversions
  • Content marketers have 7.8 times more web traffic
  • 73% of major organizations have a paid staff member to manage content marketing strategy

And there’s the rub. Paid staff. You’re struggling to pay yourself, how are you going to pay another person to manage that online stuff? It’s nice to have, but it’s just going to have to wait until…until what? You have more clients? That big deal comes through?

Like getting married or having children, there’s never a right time to get started with content marketing. Sure the investment pays off handsomely. Sure it can bring in the clients you’re looking for. Sure it can nurture the big client you’re taking on. But just not now.

Coffee Savings
Could content marketing Save you dollars?

What if?

But! What if you didn’t have to pay someone full time? How would having a content strategy in place that you could manage yourself help you achieve the increased web traffic, leads, and conversions turn your sures into certainties?

We have good news—you can have a strong content strategy in place without having a full-time content manager. Caffeinated Content understands that it takes great design and content to compete in the business world, that that kind of content creation is not cheap, and that you can, honestly, do a lot of it on your own with some guidance. That’s why we’re an agency, not a firm. We want to give small and medium sized businesses competitive content without commitment.

Big business has big content needs. They have a lot to talk about. They have budgets that afford them in-house creative teams and you’ll get there, or maybe not—it’s up to you. Caffeinated Content is a group of creatives who have worked for themselves, small businesses, and huge corporations creating graphics, social media engagement, websites, blogs, videos, white papers, and any other needed content for helping businesses. We’ve chosen not to go big because we like what small has to offer: time with our families and friends, vacations, relationships with the people we work with. We have chosen to help you, the growing business owner, have the kind of engaging, effective content that we have the training and experience to provide so that you can spend your time growing your business, not marketing it—and we can go on vacation with our families!

Pro tip: simply interacting with your social media posts is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your customers. Our founder, Renée Clare-Kovacs, is a huge fan of relationship building which is why she loves to work with clients to develop an individualized content strategy and put it into the hands of the client to execute. When you get your hands “dirty” (we like talking to people so we don’t see this as dirty work), you become a trusted partner for your clients. Tell you what. Drop us an email and we’ll show you how it works.

What you can’t afford is to ignore the people who need to hear from you. Content marketing is a seed that grows into conversions and clients. Let us help you reach your future clients with a content strategy that is right for you. We’ll turn your sures into certainties.

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